Dave didn’t want to climb down off the top bunk to get the chips. . “Laugh all you want fucker, I got chips”


we moved houses like a year ago and my mom found the garage opener to our old house today so we drove to the house to see if it would work and we saw the new owners working in the garage and we sat there opening and closing their garage for like 10 minutes and they were getting so scared they probably think satan is in their house and im laighinf so hard

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grandpa what the fuck did you just do


grandpa what the fuck did you just do

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Pablo Bronstein at Herald St

spent all that gov’t money on cheese and occult manuscripts

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Reclaimed Lightbulb Terrarium

Inside of this reclaimed lightbulb lies sand, seashells, assorted pebbles, and marimo, otherwise known as Japanese moss balls. Marimo, a prized plant in Japan, is grown underwater and requires only low light and water to thrive. Rests on a driftwood base. Sold on Etsy.

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Gorgeous day of driving today on my way to Mississippi.